Sport bet horse racing 

Are you after the best bookmakers in Australia that offer sports bets on horse racing? Then you have come to the right place. We have collected all the best bookmakers in Australia that provide sports bets on horses. There are so many bookmakers available that it can sometimes be hard to find the right one. Therefore we have collected all the good ones on one page so that you can find the best options possible. Sign up today and get the most out of your experience regarding sports bets and horse racing.

Australian Group 1 Races to use for sports bets

In horse racing in Australia, there are mainly four races under the category Group 1 Races. These four races have the highest prize money while the most odds and markets are available. Melbourne, Caulfield, and WS Cox Plate are the three races in Melbourne. In addition, we find the Golden Slipper in Sydney. There are additional races in the Group 1 category, but the mentioned four are the most popular.

When these races are going on, you will find many good odds available. There are many more races in Australia in a year, but these are the absolute biggest. And when the interest is most significant, this is evident in bookmakers in Australia. Find excellent odds available and enjoy an experience that is something extra.

Bet at fixed odds at horse racing

In horse racing, there is talk of fixed and variable odds. With variable odds, players’ bets affect the odds. The more people who bet on a horse, the lower the odds. The disadvantage of this is that if, for example, you bet on a horse at high odds if he suddenly becomes the favorite, the odds will be lowered. Maybe a player has discovered something and chosen to bet on a horse and find that others found the same thing an hour later. The odds are thus never guaranteed with variable odds.

There are variable odds with some bookmakers, but the difference is that they also offer fixed odds. With fixed odds, it does not matter how the odds are affected, what is placed is placed, and the same odds apply regardless of what may be changed. For example, a player may have placed a bet at high odds. After a while, the horse sails up to the big favorite, and the odds are lowered significantly. But for you who added odds to fixed odds, this does not matter. Therefore, it does not matter if one or millions of players bet on the same horse. The odds are always the same. The advantage is that it is possible to be more severe and calculating in their play.

Most people prefer fixed odds because it provides a guarantee. While variable odds can be changed better, fixed odds are a guarantee. The odds at betting sites with variable odds are often twice as good. Therefore, many players prioritize placing their bets with bookmakers at fixed odds because the payout is usually better when there are fixed odds.

Prix d’Amériqué

The world’s most prestigious trotting race is unofficially also the World Cup in trotting. The Prix d’Amériqué takes place in Paris, France, on the last Sunday in January each year and is a race of 2,700 meters. The first race took place in 1920, and the reason for the name is that the French wanted to pay tribute to American soldiers for their efforts and sacrifice during the First World War.

You can bet on several different markets at bookmakers. Bet on which horse or trainer will win. You can also bet on whether someone will break the running record if a specific coach wins.

Bet on horse racing from your mobile

The time when you were limited to a computer to bet from your mobile is long gone. Bookmakers in Australia are constantly investing in developing their apps, and the result has been that you can now get a complete mobile gaming experience from your mobile or tablet. It makes you more flexible in your betting because you can play wherever you are.

An app is available at Google Play and the App Store and is compatible no matter what smartphone or tablet you have. 

Customer service is important

Another critical factor is that there is customer service available. The most established bookmakers have made sure to have well-trained staff available around the clock. Then you can get help no matter what time it is.

It is usually possible to get in touch via live chat or email. We typically prefer the live chat as we get help directly and can thus have our case handled in no time. But it can be wise to use email for those who do not have an urgent matter.

A good range of odds and markets

When we develop the best betting sites, we look at the number of odds and markets available. It’s not just how many odds there are on an individual match, although it helps raise the rating if there are many options for us in our betting. But what is perhaps most important is how the odds are set. A betting site that always develops lower odds than the competition is not anyone appreciates. Then we get less in profit than we added to the higher odds. 

Therefore, competitive odds are more critical when a betting site is selected. Of course, we also want to get great variety and find odds and markets even on the sports away from the spotlight. Above all, it is an advantage if there is also a good range of odds on entertainment & specials apart from horse racing. It also gives a great variety to bet on politics, the biggest galas, and the outcome in specific TV shows.

Good conditions for live betting and live stream

There must be a good range of markets for live odds. There is nothing that brings us closer to the excitement than live odds. We end up in the epicenter of the excitement and enjoy an experience with unique markets and often higher odds. But above all, it is the particular markets that are usually appreciated. Place odds on individual markets gives an entirely different dimension to your experience.

The live stream is the perfect complement to make your live betting even more complete. Especially for horse racing since it’s so popular. Then you watch a race at the bookmaker, completely free of charge as well. Usually, all that is required is to have a positive balance or have placed a bet in the last 24 hours. If you meet one of these two requirements, you can participate in live-streamed sports free of charge. Watch the horse races and follow your bets for an incredible experience. 

Payment options at bookmakers with sports bet horse racing

Being able to make secure transactions is crucial for you as a player. You want to be able to get the winnings quickly but also feel safe when you make withdrawals. At bookmakers in Australia, there are many options for payment methods.

VISA and Mastercard are classics

Since the birth of online bookmakers, we have used VISA and Mastercard for deposits and withdrawals. Both payment methods are super popular because it means you have two safe and secure alternatives. You fill in your card details for a deposit, which applies to withdrawals as well. This way, you will be able to use your regular bank card to make deposits and withdraw your winnings.

E-wallets at betting sites

You can also use several other payment services at betting operators. E-wallets are one such option available. Skrill, Neteller and PayPal are the most prominent E-wallets.


Cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm and bookmakers in Australia have realized that. Several different options are available, and you can get quick deposits and withdrawals at bookmakers in Australia. Not all bookmakers offer cryptocurrencies, but more and more bookmakers are doing so. Use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for a complete gaming experience.

Play responsibly at bookmakers

It is crucial for you always to play responsibly. That is true in all situations, as gambling can be associated with risks for some players. Set a gaming budget that you can stick to and that does not negatively affect your finances to an excessive extent. Make sure you do not count on any winnings, see all winning as a bonus instead. You should also not try to catch up on any losses during a bad period. Instead, we hope that you get to experience the positive and fun of odds and betting on horses and therefore appeal to responsible gaming. Good luck.

Sport Bet Horse racing FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the four major horse races in Australia?

    There are many races in the Group 1 category, but four are more prominent than others. The Melbourne Cup, Caulfield Cup, WS Cox Plate, and Golden Slipper. Discover these races at bookmakers in Australia and get excellent odds. The interest is most remarkable when these races are taking place and therefore, you will also find the best odds and markets.

  • Can I bet with real money on horse racing?

    Yes, all bookmakers that offer bets on horse racing are available with real money. It’sIt’s much more flexible to bet online than it is to go to the race track and place your bets there. You can use real money to place your bets, which means that you will also win real money. Find the best odds and get started today. 

  • Can I place odds from my smartphone?

    Yes, all bookmakers with horse racing offer bets from a smartphone. That means that you can place your odds no matter where you are. It gives a much more flexible experience to put your odds everywhere.  

  • Is it possible to receive a welcome bonus?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to receive a welcome bonus from bookmakers in Australia. Bonuses are banned thanks to the ban imposed by the Australian government. But on the other hand, you who want to bet on horse racing can participate in a so-called racing refund. A racing refund means that you get back the bet if your horse should come second or third if you have bet that it will win.

  • Do all bookmakers offer odds on horse racing?

    Most bookmakers in Australia offer odds on horse racing since it’s so popular. All the operators we have listed have several odds and markets on the most famous horse races. That means you have perfect opportunities to find the best odds available on horse racing. 

  • What is the safest best horse racing bet?

    The safest bet to place in horse racing is on an each-way single bet. That means you only need one race to go your way and not multiple horses to win races to receive a return for your bet. Therefore it’s the safest bet to find in horse betting. 

  • Can I win big on horse racing?

    Yes, there is a possibility to win a lot of money when betting on horse racing. To maximize your winning chances, you should keep a betting record and lay on sure bets. Always look for the favorite and avoid getting emotional. You always need to understand that there are no certainties in sports betting on horse racing. Just because a horse is a favorite doesn’t mean it will win because there can be several factors.